“I am an extension veteran. I have tried everything on the market. RPZL not only is the fastest but the quality of hair is amazing. Careful though, you’re going to become addicted. I feel sexier, look 10 years younger and have to beat the men off with a stick. I would go without food before I would go without my RPZL hair!”

Megan O’Brein

TV Beauty Expert


“I loved the hair! It was so big. I got so many compliments AND it looked great in the magazine this week :)”

Jo Piazza

Executive News Director

In Touch Weekly and Life & Style

Author of Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money

“Since I wasn’t blessed with luscious thick hair, I’ve always been deeply envious of those that have it. That’s when I came across WigBar (who used to transform me into Christina Aguilera years ago) and now the Meatpacking’s new RPZL Hair Extension Bar. RPZL has technology that reduces the application process from 4 hours to 30 minutes – hurrah!! (And if you’ve ever wondered how celebs get their wind-blown volume on mag covers – they all use extensions. Trust me.)”

Jacqui Stafford

Fashion Editor & Style Expert

“Thanks so much Lisa and Monica. It was great meeting you ladies. I loved my hair!”

Kelly Galligan

Beauty & Fashion Director

In Touch and Life&Style Weekly

“I absolutely LOVE my extensions. They match perfectly and look so natural. I have a few weddings in Texas and have already been setting up appointments to get my hair done so they can put in the extensions and style them for me. That way I can look amazing (hopefully to snag a guy lol) and continue to tell everyone about y’all back home. The keratin ones are definitely already on my Christmas list :)”

Megan Davis

Print Strategist at PHD