RPZL is the first hair extension and state of the art blow out bar. It provides a sleek, luxurious and friendlyenvironment where women experience world class customer service in a glamourous setting. RPZL Customer Experience Coordinators are focused on educating clients about a new cutting edge process for hair extensions which make them more accessible to every woman.Creating longer, fuller and more beautiful hair is our focus—hair galore!Simultaneously RPZL provides state of the art blow outs since having stylists that are experts in extensions is a must AND we loveour friends without extensions too.

RPZL is a new concept in beauty and introduces the Gorgeous Bar for our Gorgeous Girls to maintain their fabulous hair, The Wash House where our expert hair masseurs use Leonor Greyl products to deliver pampering. And finally, ourHouse of Hair secures the most luxurious and top quality 100% Virgin Remy human hair (clip ins, ponytails, sticker hair and high-tech keratin). RPZL uses technology that reduces application time to only 25 minutes!

RPZL will open in October in the Flatiron District and is seeking seasoned Customer Experience Coordinators.

RPZL seeks entrepreneurial individualsready to join a team-focused company that emphasizes commitment, loyalty and profitability. RPZL values customized customer service and will revolutionize how a salon functions. We provide competitive compensation, based on secure hourly wages and individual/team incentive structures, including benefits. RPZL also provides educational opportunities throughout the year including specific hair and hair product training from Leonor Greyl’s hair institute in Paris, customer retention and management training.

We seek team-players that thrive ina collaborative work environment. Divas need not apply. Join a team that will launch a new business model and seeks to quickly expand. We believe that women deserve to express their professional creativity and pursue individuals that take pride in their communication skills, attention to detail and sales abilities. RPZL is the leader in hair extensions and we do not provide any color/cut services. Knowing, understanding and personifying the RPZL brand are essential for every Customer Experience Coordinator. All applicants should value punctuality, honesty, fashion, profitability and strong work ethic.


Customer Experience Coordinators are responsible for delivering exceptional customer service while securing retail sales and customer retention. Each will work collaboratively with RPZL Hair Extension Stylists, Blow Out Stylistsand Head Masseurs. All staff is expected to work interchangeably whenever necessary creating a seamless experience for customers at all times. Our Service Vision is to provide superior customer service that makes women confident and gorgeous. RPZL’s non-negotiable professional standards and “Secret Service” training results in ago above-and-beyond culture.Our Customer Experience Coordinators are responsible for maintaining the flow of clients throughout their service and ensuring complete satisfaction for each client.

Specifically, eachCustomer Experience Coordinatorsis expected to:

  • Promote and sell services and products, including recommending and selling additional services and/or retail products which will enhance and improve the customer’s image and/or contribute to the customer’s satisfaction with services performed
  • Provide each client with drinks of choice throughout visit
  • Identify first time clients, return clients and VIP clients providing the appropriate level of service
  • Update and maintain customer information records
  • Maintain efficient and effective work flow client services
  • Top professional appearance and a positive attitude mandatory
  • Learn and continue to develop customer service skills including expertise in Salonbooker software and above and beyond problems solving
  • Collaboratively meet individual/team goals set by management
  • Complete required administrative tasks& comply with RPZL floor operation rules
  • Maintain confidential proprietary client/business information
  • Correctly charge for services rendered and products purchased, including proper discounting according to company policy
  • Effectively control salon operating costs relating to retail inventories
  • Safeguard company assets by adhering to company policies and procedures
  • Must review all client profiles prior to commencement of day to provide customized customer service
  • Perform all services in a competent, efficient and professional manner and in compliance with all applicable state and local sanitation rules maintaining cleanliness and sanitation
  • Understand the needs of customers; handle and resolve customer service issues to maintain customer loyalty and request assistance from supervisor when needed
  • Communicate to the customer a clear understanding of the pricing before services are performed
  • Active Listening—focus on discussions with clients about client’s interests and styling needs, announce upcoming RPZL events, provide advice for home hair care and/or any other client-led discussions
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and fast-paced salon environment without becoming overwhelmed
  • Team Orientation—ability to perform all RPZL functions to augment the team and customer experience without request. This may include, answering telephones, stocking shelves and work stations, inventory assessment, and other duties as assigned
  • Be aware of others reactions and provide problem-solving resolution
  • Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships
  • Demonstrate integrity by being honest and ethical
  • Professionalism, good judgment, and the ability to multi-task
  • Show self-control—maintain emotions in check, controlling anger and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations
  • Dependability—reliable, responsible and dependable in fulfilling obligationsincluding attending mandatory staff meetings, training sessions or as otherwise required by management

Wedding Day Styling for Attendants:

  • RPZL’s regular pricing is applied
  • Make-up $195

RPZL Bridal Showers:

RPZL’s bridal showers are an intimate celebration of your friendships before your big day! RPZL provides customized bridal showers that complement your wedding theme providing a refreshing new approach to sharing time with those closest to you! RPZL’s expert stylists will work with your guests to define their hair styling. Even though it’s your special day, friends don’t let friends have bad hair days!

RPZL Bridal Registry:

Are you registering? We can help you register your RPZL hair styling and make up!

RPZL On-The-Go Services:

RPZL expert stylists are available to travel to you. Please email to get started!