RPZL promotes confidence, strength and self-expression. RPZL is actively involved in our global community and strives to play a small role in the efforts to improve the lives of girls and women around the globe. We do this by supporting mission-driven organizations, hosting fundraising events and partnering with educational organizations focused on issues important to women. Our clients have the opportunity to expand their involvement with a myriad of worthy causes. All of us together can make a difference!

RPZL connects hair extensions with charitable campaigns throughout the year. How will we do this? It’s simple! During the month of October, we will promote “Pink Hair” to help bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and provide educational information regarding self-examination and screening. In January, we highlight “Red Hair” in to promote involvement with Blood Donor Awareness Month and provide information blood donation centers. And the list goes “long”!

Our Partners:

IOFA was founded in 1999 in response to a gap in programming and services for adolescents around the world. With offices in Chicago and New York, IOFA is working in partnership with local organizations in over 20 countries to develop and implement sustainable programming for young people. IOFA is dedicated to improving the lives of young people by addressing critical and emerging issues affecting vulnerable adolescents. IOFA’s vision is for a world in which adolescents and youth are no longer subject to exploitation, violence, and neglect; a world in which every young person is able to exercise his or her human rights and realize their full potential as positive and productive members of society. IOFA’s work is focused on three areas — The Prevention of Youth Trafficking Initiative, the Initiative to Empower Orphaned Youth, and the Girls Leadership Development Initiative, all of which are inextricably linked.

If you are interested in fundraising events please contact monica@rpzl.com